Design in Creativity

GRD, Corp. has developed a significant base of clients, and we invite you to contact any of them for reference. We regularly employ specialized professional chefs and engineers to assist in various aspects of our work. We are accustomed to working with these team members, and are also willing and comfortable working with other team members suggested by the Client. We are a full-service Food Service Equipment and back of house firm. Our goal is to ensure that the services we provide are of the highest quality. To that end, we create personalized programs for each of our clients. Our in-house experts work as teams, transforming ideas into designs that work consistently over time, all the while keeping our focus on efficiency, cost control and schedule adherence. The end result, simply stated, is client satisfaction.

GRD, Corp. provides Foodservice and Back of House facilities Design and Management Advisory Consulting Services. Our range of services and the clients for which we undertake the assignments are indicated below. For more specific information on market segments that are of interest to you, click on the categories to the left of the screen.

Global Restaurant Design, Corp., is a professional consulting firm specializing in food, beverage, kitchen and laundry design. With more than 30 years of experience, the expert professionals at GRD, Corp. are available to serve all your design, planning, and consultation needs. For more information on our services, call (818) 706-7778 ext. 1001 and a representative will be happy to speak with you. Global Restaurant Design, Corp. is your one stop shopping spot for all your food, beverage, and laundry design needs. GRD, Corp. provides a wide range of services, including: Pre-Planning, conceptual through total design, custom fabrication, menu planning, design, labor cost containment, and energy cost issues. If you have design questions, GRD, Corp. has the answers you’re looking for! At Global Restaurant Design, Corp., we are committed to what we call design in motion, ensuring that our restaurant and kitchen designs are true extensions of the food service environment. Our specialists are available to assist you with projects of all types and sizes, and utilize exceptional engineering and innovative thinking to provide total quality services that meet your exact needs.